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Hi, I'm Zaxounette ! 
Thank you for considering donating to me :)

I currently write words for BTCPay Server, as opposed to code.
My activities relate to issue reports, blog posts, expanding and updating the documentation, making visuals and video ressources, providing some low hanging support in the different channels.
I also moderate the BTCPay Server Directory.
In the near futur, I'll also be creating tutorial and documentation videos.

If needed, I can be found in the chat, on Twitter and on Github.

Much love <3

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Stacking Sats

Zaxounette loves stacking Sats. He uses some of his stack to test features and provide feedback to BTCPayServer

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Daily Tea Supply

Zaxounette does not drink Coffee, but likes Tea ! Donate to fund his Tea supply for the day =)

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Burger diet

Everyone needs to eat ! Zaxounette loves Burgers. Home made, with 1 or 2 of the 300 cheese he can find in his country !

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Tech supplies

Zaxounette puts all his open-source software on Raspberry PIs. Donate to fund his tech supply.

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